Day 8

Hi everybody. So yesterday was one month since he left me. I cant believe that it has been one month. Its like the time went by fast. I wish he was still here. Why cant he be here with me. Why cant i have my best friend back. I just wish that i would wake up and he will be at the house waiting for us and is so happy to see us. But i know its not going to happen. Had a great talk with my sister today. It was nice to sit and talk about him and everything. It helped a lot.

So I think my Mady got a visit from her pop pop today. She kept pointing to the corner of her room and she just got all excited. It happen twice so i hope it was him becuase we miss him and if she can see him before her surgery that would be amazing. well im out love to all

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  1. The person im refering to is in my previous post. Im talking about my dad who died he battled 2 types of cancer in 6 years and he fought to the end but couldnt:(

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