Monday July 31st

I am going to barely have enough money for September rent because I don’t get my first paycheck of the new school year until September 15th, AND I went so long without working the spring semester that my summer checks are only $500. BUT, I am going to be able to make it, that’s the good news, and the even better news is that this will never happen again. It was just the result of my moving and transitioning to a new school system TWICE within a couple of months. Now I’ve got it. I’ve got my full certification, I finished my summer classes to qualify for my pay raise, and I have all of that shit lined out. Fucking finally. 

I am stressing out over my apartment. The graffiti in the stairwell along with my shit getting stolen last week about sent me over the edge. I just need to calm the fuck down because I cannot afford to move, anyway. I guess it’s good that I didn’t like that place I looked at yesterday. If it had been just one big open space it would have been fine, but there being a wall between the kitchen and other space sucked. So much wasted space in the kitchen side. And the two steep flights of stairs every day- it would suck when you were carrying shit. AND, it was on a bus route, so traffic outside would be nonstop. People in Kentucky would not fucking believe how people live in NYC. They would be amazed that apartments that are so tiny AND have a fucking bathtub next to the stove are so expensive! 

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