Shits and giggles for Taeyang!

These are the moments I wish I had a ride or die homie to do random shit with. I soo badly want to go to concert in LA in sept, but none of regular friends can go. I can’t blame them, we all have a budget, we all have to work… But damn, someone please go on this adventure with me for one night! Let’s fly to LA, arrive by late morning, eat breakfast, explore Korea town, and then stand in line 3 hrs before the concert. Taeyang live in person, a small venue, he would be soo close that we can see the sweat dripping from his shirtless body!!! A roar of screaming girls, feel the energy, feel the excitement, our hearts beating with rhythm…. I want to scream until I lose my voice. Once it’s finally over, my body is still on that high, my ears buzzing, my mouth dry, I am ready to grab some late night food. Wonder around some more, then let’s order a Lyft car and sleep at the airport. Come on doesn’t This sound exciting?! Something to experience?

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