[31] ~*Tue – 08/01/17*~

[12:39 pm]

That was just a total mega fail! Arg! I don’t know why I’m already out of bed on my day off but I am and I shouldn’t be. I got up, got myself a glass of pop, went to the washroom, made my way to the computer room, sat the glass on the desk and GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. I ended up knocking the fully glass off and made a huge mess everywhere. This is why I shouldn’t be allowed out of bed before 2 pm on a day off. I was all excited cause I got out of bed fairly early for a day where I could sleep in and now I’m just meh. I was supposed to clean the suggies cage today but I decided to do it next week since Mon is a Holiday and I’ll be having two days off. When I woke up I was like “dang, maybe I should do it today as I am up and normally I just get up super late and their things don’t have time to dry” but I changed my mind. Having to clean that mess just put me in a grr mood. I wanted to go check how warm it was outside as I still have to mow the lawn as well but blah, not anymore. My back wasn’t too sore when I got out of bed but from that bending and sitting on the floor to clean up my mess, it’s sore. I also haven’t washed my bras like I wanted to do last night or put away the laundry. It was like 2 am by the time I went to bed and I had kinda forgotten about it. Why am I always so darn lazy?! I really hope it’s summer affecting me and that I become active again once fall hits.

Now I just paid my bills for the month and I feel sad cause that was a big chunk of money and of course we’re in the minus for last month as we bought the non working PC at $1200 and had to pay for the servicing for the car at $400. So that’s almost $2000 extra of spending, so much money. I can’t believe hub still hasn’t received the shipping label for the PC. This is ridiculous! The guy for the doors also had said they would come fix the doors before the end of the month and look at that, the month was over yesterday. I don’t understand why we have such a hard time with people getting back to us. I still have never heard back from the guy for the jail. After all the texts I sent him, he could of sent an apologies or something but nada. 

I guess since I’m already up we’ll be going to the movies at 4 and not 7, unless I end up going back to bed cause like I said, I just feel blah right now. Dropping that glass of pop just did it. I still need to do my hair since I washed them last night which I don’t feel like doing. I still have a sorta of headache, if this keeps up I’ll have to go see the doctor. I HATE SUMMER! I want to watch something but I don’t know what anymore as I’m caught up with all my shows and I don’t know which new one I should start watching. I also dropped some pop on the headset so it’s still a bit wet. Eww!

I just checked real quick for a movie and this one sounds good, The Haunting Of Alice D so I think I will give this one a shot right now and hopefully calm down from my misfortune of this morning. I know it’s nothing but for some reason it really got me upset. So let’s watch that movie with my somewhat wet headset and play on my farm as I watch the movie. Talking about my farm, after like almost two weeks of working at it I think I’m finally done setting it up. I like the way it looks for now so it will stay that way until I don’t like it anymore or need to add stuff to it.




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