A lot to write so that I may remember

Binge watching “Person of Interest” is messing up my head and I can’t sleep right.

A few days ago I went out with Ahsan, I told him that I had bought a pack of cigarettes and he told me to show him the pack, we were on a bike. I showed him the pack and he threw it away, the sign of a good friend. He didn’t told me to stop smoking, he asked “Did you smoke alone?”, I said “Yup”, to which he replied “You are never going to smoke alone again, if really want to smoke and smoke so bad that you anus is bleeding then you call me and we will smoke together”.  This was defiantly a strange thing to say this meant that he knew that once someone starts smoking none can stop them. Sign of an understanding friend? There is just one thing… I can’t smoke even if I want to.

I get sick when I smoke, sick as in headache, loss of breath, head spinning and no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t able to smoke more than two cigarettes at a time without getting sick. I once smoke four one after the other and then I didn’t smoke for ten days… not because I didn’t wanted to… well a little but you get the point. I not addicted to cigarettes, not now, I can quit and that is what I going to do.

The day before yesterday I went to see “Funny money” a show by “Therapy Theater”, with Mannan, Usman Liaqat, Ahemd Zia and Adeel. It was a nice show, and it had a British setting. The actors were also speaking in a British Accent and using British currency words like “Pound” and “Quid”. I couldn’t help but notice it had an old touch, old British comedy touch. I have also been watching “Mind you Language” and there was lot of resemblance in theme.

Nearly all the audience was very modern, if you know what I mean. Adeel was like “Naeem, Man you must tell me whenever shows like this happen, you must take me to these kind of shows whenever you are going” [This sentence and lost its most important quality after being translated, he was genuinely happy not indecent but happy].

The show was about a guy who no his way to home accidently switched his bags with a stranger and then finds the bag full of money, a little above then 7000 pounds to be exact. I the cast there was the guy who found the bag and this wife, then his wife’s friend and her husband, two police officers, a taxi driver and a guy who is looking for the bag. Writing the whole play here would be a lot of pain, but it was really good, acting was very good. Did I mention that it was free, that was the only reason I went and others agreed to go too.

So I went to Tayyab’s house and designed them some banners and from his cousins shop I was treated with grilled wings and hot shots. They wanted me to eat a pizza or a burger but my bad throat told me otherwise. There is still the matter of logo for Epic Bite, I will have to design it again.

I wrote the stuff Awais wanted for his website, I didn’t write the About us or mission statement, I told him to get the people for whom he is building the website to write something so that I can get an idea of what to write for them specifically but it turns out they have no clue so I have to write even that myself from scratch.

I also went to meet Sir Harris, he was mad at me for leaving Percentip without giving any explanation or telling him anything. He said he was mad at me professionally by not otherwise, he said that I should have given him a heads up first and told me that whenever you are leaving an organization you leave tying a knot, you never know when you would have to return to the same place. LESSON LEARNED. I told him that the reason for not telling him anything or not giving him a heads up was because he has the ability to convince people, I have been convinced by him many times before on more than a few matter before and I knew if I tell him about leaving he will definitely convince me to stay. He said that if I realized that he can convince and to which he agreed that he also realizes his ability to do so and that it helps him do his job, he said that I should also have realized that I should end things on good terms and not like this and he wasn’t expecting me to do such specially because I’m the one who read a lot of books [This is a matte to be explained at another time]. I would say that he is being unfair with the pay he is not paying as much as promised, “I couldn’t care less about a few thousand rupees” that is what he said and then he denied the work we put in, I also couldn’t care less but Mannan was very much looking forward to this pay, he worked hard, I think, and this was going to be his first pay ever so when the professor brought the topic of pay I totally turned to Mannan, let’s see how it goes, also Mannan still wants to work for Sir Harris.

I have an interview today at 2:00 pm, it 04:50 am right now. Interview is for the position of 3D Modeler for games design, I have no experience in 3D modeling and I told them that, and they still called me for interview, Allah help me on this if it beneficial for me in this world and the world after this one.

I passed all my subjects this semester scoring the highest in “Communication Skills” and lowest in “Human Computer Interaction”.

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