I need to get out.  Today I feel a little better, not so nauseous and not so tired.  I’m still a little depressed though but that’s probably because I spent the last two days in bed.  I have a strong desire to go to the beach today.  Just myself, just to get away and to think about things.  The only thing stopping me is that it’ll take over 3 hours to get there.  The ride up won’t be that bad, it’s the ride back that’ll seem to take forever.  Plus I didn’t get paid yet so it’s not like I can blow a whole bunch of money on gas.  I just want to put my toes in the sand and relax so it’s not like I’ll be spending a lot anyways.  I’m still debating and the longer I wait the less likely I’ll go.  This is totally an impulse thing and I’ve only ever done this one time before (go that far to the beach by myself).  Usually I’ll try and recruit a friend but this time I want to go alone.  I’m just kind of nervous.  It’s a long drive and I know my parents would kill me if anything happened out there and they had to come help me out, like car troubles or something.  I think I might do it.  I’m going to get ready and see how I feel after that.  Will update later.

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