Worst Summer Ever.

Last year I was in the Philippines for about 5 months, and It was great. 

This year my parents haven’t bothered even thinking about travelling abroad, and I guess I shouldn’t complain since they payed for that long ass trip last year. 

But like there should be at least something to do around now that it’s summer? All my friends travelled somewhere, they all went away and had their own summer fun with their families. Me on the other hand, have been stuck in this same city for the entire summer. You would have thought there would be something to do around here, but no: There is nothing to do around here when all of your friends are gone. 

I barely have any friends, so I’m kind of used to being all by myself anyways. But still, having someone to hang out with at least some days is a life saver, spending weeks upon weeks all by myself isn’t exactly something I love. 

“Make new friends then” some people might be thinking. But, how?! Everyone is gone. And its summer, which means no school to find new people at. Find someone else who also don’t have any friends? We’ll not everyone is as outdoor person like me, the ones who are all by themselves are a little smarter by staying in their room playing. I don’t see anyone else except for myself loning around the city. 

And I do have a whole lot of people I talk to on the internet. I could always meet them, and so I did. At the beginning of the summer I visited some online friends,  but they are kind of very busy themselves. And the ones that aren’t busy always avoid meeting up, which is understandable. But hellooo, I’m lonely someone hang with me. 

Ohhh I can’t wait till school begins again. Then everyone is back to their homes, and there will be alot of new faces. I will actually have something to do during the day. Summer? Can you please go by a whole lot faster? I don’t like you so come on. 

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