[32] ~*Wed – 08/02/17*~

[4:39 pm]

I just can’t wait for summer to be done and over with. I’m dying! I woke up this morning feeling like crap again. My stomach gets so upset and I still deal with a darn headache and no energy what so ever. 

Last night after getting back from our date I prepared the suggies food and I kept sweating like a pig. I had to take a towel and dry my face many times. This is ridiculous! My lawn ain’t getting done either and it’s driving me crazy. I actually had to stop what I was doing twice and go put myself in front of the a/c to cool myself down. 

Anyways, the movie Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets was awesome. I really enjoyed it but I regret not watching it in 3D, I’m sure it would of been even better. Oh well, it was still very good. 

Well, I’m at the club and as pretty much always, it’s boring. Today I took my book in with me and what ever, I’ll be doing some reading. I’m still keeping an eye on my client and it can’t be worse than playing on my phone. I decided that instead of just sitting here and being bored I’ll be reading from now on until they say something but I doubt they care. Most workers drop off their clients and leave them here by themselves so at least I’m here if something happens. 

By the way, I really like my hair. Every time I’m scared I’m not gonna like it cause she makes changes to it but I always end up liking it better than the last time. I didn’t like the blue with the purple but I think I like it better in the end as it’s not as bright. Only thing, the blue or purple bleeds in the pink when I wash it so my pink’s going away which is sad. I also should of asked her to shave my undercut shorter cause I feel it already grown a lot in a week. 


[11:56 pm]

I really need to find new sandals or wear my sneakers which I really don’t want to be doing as it’s too warm but I don’t think I can wear those sandals I bought anymore. For one, the strap doesn’t stay on my heel and now it’s hurting my little toe on the other foot. It was so bad today that it started bleeding and I think it’s breaking the nail which isn’t good. So yea, I don’t know what I’ll be doing. I checked a few places for a new pair of sandals today but no luck. I really wish my other pair wouldn’t of decided to break during the middle of summer. Blah!

Anyways, I got home from work and OMG hub warmed up the whole darn house. He was making himself some food and it was sooo hot in the house. I wanted to make myself something but it was too warm so I ended up just having some cold hot dogs, I didn’t even bother warming those up.




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