24. Rerouted

So I said I was going to try water fasting but realized that I’m not overweight and honestly don’t need it. 

I mean, I’m thin but I’m the skinny fat type, ya know? I watched this YouTuber, Abby Pollock and she’s great! I totally recommend her. She puts everything into great detail. 

I need to focus more on eating high protein foods and toning my body. 

Sounds good to me. Well other than that there’s crazy stuff going on with my husband. People are trying to get him fired at his job. All because he sent a girl home for insabordanation. 

She grabbed a group of people against him and now are complaining to upper management. 

One person told him that his hard work is enough to back him up. He was top tcm 5 times in a row. He is so nice. So nice and humble. I just don’t understand how so many people turn against him and hate him. 

He did say it’s because he manages them. Which is his job. They are complaining and saying he’s a horrible boss for telling them what to do? Can you believe that? 

We pray about this and we have God this situation. We trust him and whatever happens, happens. 

My mom said “before a blessing comes a storm. You can either get stronger from this or it can break you.”

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