Demanding Professors

In a bid to gain high educational standards, professors often forget what it means to be a college student and they end up being demanding. One of the causes of college stress can be attributed to professors that provide a certain degree of difficulty in the course of their student’s study.

Very few students can boast of passing through college without witnessing difficult professors. It is important to understand how to identify the ones who portray bad work ethics. Some of them fall under the certain categories:

-Extremely smart: These ones believe in providing a certain theory for every topic as they strongly believe it is the best way to communicating during lectures. They often times use strong vocabulary and fail to wait to know if their students understand or not.

-Negative vibes: The professors in this category come off as people who do not enjoy teaching. They are often late to class and they often rush through the class without entertaining questions.

-Lazy: Under this category, you would find professors who only give research assignments surrounding the syllabus for the course. They ensure that the students get the information meant to be taught by them. In the long run, the students teach themselves and perform the job of the lecturer.

As a student, if you come across any of the above listed professors, there are some ways you can manoeuvre these demanding professors

Get to know your professor

As corny as it may sound, this is one of the best ways in dealing with overwhelming professors. Taking notes of the things he or she does in the classroom would determine what category they are placed in and this will in turn define the route to handling the course for the academic year. For example, if after several classes, you notice that your professor hardly lectures but gives out lots of assignments, finding a peer tutor can be instrumental in the success of that course.

It takes some time for the professor to get used to the new set of students he or she would be teaching. Some professors are aggressive for the first few classes. Keeping an open mind to the method of teaching of the professor can ease off the stress eventually.

Be on your best behaviour

The last thing any student would want is to be picked out of the bunch as rude and disrespectful because this would limit the amount of help the lecturer would provide. Hence, showing respect shows recognition for the professor’s ability and skill.

The professor is the expert whose job is to teach you. To ward stress away and deal with demanding professors, meeting them individually could bridge the gap and enhance your relationship.

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