Texting for answers that I didn’t come to find
Varied scenarios running through my mind
Completely unaware that my query was confined

Things were said that were cause for concern
I should have reached out, I guess I didn’t learn
Kept things to myself for fear of his spurn

With each passing day, I grew ever more scared
Should I have been more adamant in showing that I cared?
So much inner turmoil, how else could he have fared

Wanting to help but what is there that I can do
I don’t know half of what he is going through
Just want to hold him and whisper ‘I love you’

Sending positive thoughts to him everyday
Hoping for some method to help him find his way
Asking God to soothe him every time that I pray

Hoping he knows that on me he can depend
I value him so much, my brilliant friend
I couldn’t handle it if his journey were to end

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