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NCAA Mascot Mayhem Continues–Jonathan Munk

The eventual fate of the 17 remaining schools on the NCAA’s rundown of universities with “unfriendly and oppressive” epithets and logos will likely rely on upon how great the relationship is between the school and the related tribe.

Florida State got away from an unreasonable rebranding two weeks back, refering to bolster and a progressing positive relationship between the school and the Seminole tribe. The University of Utah likewise sent in a speak to the NCAA yesterday, with expectations of being removed the wrongdoers list also. In their allure, the U of U expressed they no more utilize Ute warrior mascot, toon symbolism, feathered headbands for their drill group, Indian “cheers,” or “Redskins” moniker. Amongst these and the U’s sure association with the Ute tribe, I anticipate that them will have the capacity to keep utilizing their present logo.

The University of North Dakota has not been so fortunate.

UND endured a misfortune yesterday in their speak to keep utilizing the “Battling Sioux” name and logo. A Sioux tribe from the state called UND’s logo “an attack against the poise and prosperity of the individuals from Spirit Lake.”

More than 70 Spirit Lake tribe individuals affirmed the determination, and the Tribal Council is required to endorse it by Friday. This determination is liable to compel UND to change their logo and moniker unless some other backing from another Sioux tribe can be found.

For the schools not sufficiently blessed to be removed the “boycott,” re-marking will be costly. There will likely be a lot of talk about who ought to pay for the new logo outline, regalia, limited time items, and so on. Ideally the NCAA will have profited offering “unfriendly and oppressive” college stock on their site ( ) to help in unreasonable re-marking endeavors.

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