Reflected on my education/career path changes….

2008 Fall started City College

2011 Fall change of mind getting Associate Degree since I was placed in the low english and math, yet is taking a long time.

2011 Spring taking requirement courses for pharmacy tech program

2012 summer gotten the news of pharm tech didn’t accept. So I had rethink of what is the close cert. I can get before applying to pharm tech program again. It was HIT Clerk I (Health Information Tech).

2013 Spring gotten HIT clerk I cert. And even summited another form to pharm tech program.

2013 Summer gotten news from pharm tech and said they accepted me for 2013 fall.

2014 spring gotten the cert for pharm tech. End up pharm tech is not what I wanted. As I reflected back into this field… I have lots of difficulty like remembering the names of the drugs and what it use for. Externship was not fun at all because they didn’t want to train me. They expected that the college is very updated and train the student to become a pro in the pharmacy environment already but nope. I was so under pressure in that field lol.

2014 fall – 2015 fall took a year off of school. Spring of 2015 took a exam for library page passed and turn in application but didn’t get a call for interview. Summer of 2015 found a job at a dog daycare center worked there almost a month but I left the job because the management was not great at all. 

2015 fall went back to school and gone into Library Info Tech program.

2017 Spring gotten the cert of the Library Infor Tech. 

2017 summer finding library jobs but no posting.

That is my time line of me after high school. I know I had waisted my time in college but u know what… my mother didn’t respect my decision making. I had told mother that I want to find a job and go college later on in life since college has no dead line of getting a degree. U can get a degree anytime u want in life. College is not like high school where it has a time limit. She didn’t respect it at all. I feel like she is not letting me be of who I am as a person. All she cared was that she thinks she knows what is the best for her child and no need to listen of what the child really want and what her child happy in. What a selfish act of hers.

Sorry I need to stop typing because Im getting tears. And sorry if there is many grammar mistakes but hey this is a journal and in journal can free write.


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