Summer Colds are the worst

Ugh, good thing I slept Monday…well sort of. A semi good amount of sleep, it was pretty hot in my room that day. Ended up getting a cold from someone at work and I’m sure I know who it was because she had a cold.  She dropped her keys and I picked them up for her and gave them back to her, but I’m pretty sure I had washed my hands afterwards since I had just finished rounds at work right before that.  
Either way, I’m sick. Summer colds are worse than colds in the winter, I swear. 
To make it worse I got called into work that night. Ugh. I guess it wasn’t horrible, I got to pick where I wanted to go So I didn’t do much, but I was sneezing and blowing my nose all night long. But at least the double time got extended so I get double time on my September check. It will be nice to have some extra cash, but I’ll probably throw that in a savings that I can’t touch. I need to stop spending money one stuff I don’t exactly need…. I just want a lot of shit lol
Yesterday I slept alright. I could have gotten up to pay bills but I didn’t feel like it so today I’ll have to make sure I get up and do that so I don’t get penalized on my loan. Only until December! 
But today I gotta get up and do all that, so I’ll probably be tired. I’ll take my cold meds right before I leave work that way I can be drowzy enough to fall asleep right away and not stay up till like 9am lol 
I finally get a weekend off with Nate, but he wants to side the house and that will be the whole weekend. ugh. 
I just hope this damn cold is over by then lol

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