Wednesday August 2nd

I paid a locksmith $239 to put a new doorknob and lock on my door. Ugh. I wasn’t planning on spending that, but it’s not like my fucking building is going to fix anything. I don’t understand what the hell the super does if he doesn’t fix anything. What exactly is he supposed to do? Just carry the garbage out to the curb on Tuesdays? He is pretty worthless. I looked at the rents on streeteasy yesterday for other apartments in my building, and I really am getting a pretty good deal here. I need to just forget about rent stabilized, forget about moving and just live here and focus on my fucking life. 

I am supposed to go out to Brooklyn this evening to do something with Christine and her kids. I cleaned my apartment a little today. I didn’t clean the bathroom- guess I can save that for tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday August 2nd”

  1. You got ripped off I do that kind of work and would easily do if for $50 to $100 depending on how many doors or if it’s a sliding door

  2. It was only one door- the front door to my apartment. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but 1. I live in New York City, 2. The locksmith had already done work for 2 of my neighbors, so I knew he was legit and I could trust him, and 3. He installed an unpickable lock on my door. Mostly knowing he had done work for my neighbors and could be trusted made me willing to hire him. Living where I do, it’s not safe for a single woman that lives alone to just choose someone from Craig’s List to come to my apartment.

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