[33.1] ~*Thu – 08/03/17*~

[7:27 pm]

I feel sorta sad-ish right now. I finished my day of work, called my friend but she wasn’t home. I decided to go grab myself some Dixie Lee which I regret a bit cause I’d really want to stop eating out so much but I never want to make myself anything to eat. I always complains about hub eating out all the time when he works and I’m pretty sure I eat out more than he does. Bleh me!

Since I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow I had planned on doing the laundry tonight and the dishes. I don’t know about it anymore.. I just started feeling so sad for no reason. I just don’t want to do anything. Actually, there’s one thing I’d like to do right now and it’s.. to go sit by the fountain and read a book. It’s been so warm all the time that I haven’t done any reading outside and I think I miss it. I’m looking out and I’m thinking “I still have like an hour before it gets dark, I could go right now.” but once outside I’ll want to come running back inside as it’s warm and yucky. I just don’t feel like being home right now and I don’t know what to do. The library is actually close so I can’t go there, unless I sit outside. I could always go to the park and maybe find a spot under the trees. I was hoping my friend would be there so I could go over but her brother just moved back here so I guess she’s spending time with him or something. She needs a cellphone!

I should probably start my laundry but I don’t want to just in case I decide to go out. I just don’t know where I could go cause I don’t really feel like doing anything. I’m out of pop and wanted to go grab some on my way home and I was even too lazy to do that. Summer is a killer! Maybe I should just go to bed.


[10:50 pm]

Well, I just watched The Bye Bye Man. I had texted my friend to see if he wanted to watch a movie since I was feeling blah and we both felt like watching an horror movie so we watched that one and it was good. Now I need to finish my laundry, do the dishes and take a bath. 




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