[33] ~*Thu – 08/03/17*~

[2:50 pm]

Can’t we have a day where it’s nice and cool so I can mow the darn lawn?! I went outside last night at like 1 am to bring the garbage to the end of the driveway and it was so nice. I wanted to mow the lawn right then. If only the mower could be quiet and wouldn’t bother the neighbors, I would really be doing it in the middle of the night cause there’s no way I’m doing it during the day. I don’t know how people do it for a living. It’s getting pretty bad, we need rain as you can see that people’s lawn is turning yellow and drying up. If only it could kill the darn dandelions but of course not.

Anyways, I wanted to go grab our tickets for Teresa today as it’s in two days but did I do it?! Nope! When I was going downstairs this morning to get ready for work I received a call to say my first client had cancelled so I went back to bed until the last minute for the next one. I really need to go get them tomorrow. I think I can pick them up the very same day but I’m not 100% sure so I better go tomorrow just in case. I’m also happy cause I thought I’d be losing hours as I thought I’d have to cancel a client to go to the show but the movie we’re seeing plays earlier so it should all work out. I’m glad about that as I’ll be losing hours Mon due to the Holiday. It sucks so much that we aren’t paid for Holidays which I don’t even know how it’s legal. This is why I don’t want to leave the store cause at least over there I’m paid for a whole day when it’s a Holiday so that pays the day I lose at my other job.

I’m at the library right now as I had some time to kill between clients and my friend wasn’t home. I’m a bit bored so I decided to check out that jail thing website for fun and of course there’s two new reviews. Bleh! People are saying how awesome it was and how great of a host the guy is. I just can’t believe he NEVER got back to me and I was texting his cell, not like I was sending him emails. It just got me pissed off all over again. I don’t know why I even bothered looking at the dam thing. I still would like to go next time mom is in town but I don’t know. Do I text him again?! Email?! Go see him once again?! I just don’t know.. I guess I could always book from the site but it seems to be a rip off so I rather not. Guess I have a month to think about it.

Looks like I can sleep in tomorrow as well as I just received a text saying that my first client of tomorrow cancelled. I better wake up early enough to go get those tickets before the second one. I can’t believe how spoiled I am this summer, I get last minute cancellation left and right. Hey, as long as I’m paid I’m OK with it. A bit mean but I gotta live. It really sucks thought cause since I can sleep in tomorrow morning I can do stuff tonight but I have no will of doing anything. Like I said in previous entry, I really hope this laziness will go away once summer is over cause it’s annoying the hell out of me.

My friend’s daughter had showed me some new attractions in PEI last week and now I really want to go cause it’s a new haunted place. If only I would of known about it when mom came that’s where we would of went but of course I had to learn about it after. Bleh! Now I want to go but she said she was only coming back in Sept which is too late cause it will be closed for the year. Well, it’s open on the weekends but we never do anything on weekends as I work. I wonder if she’d be coming this month to do something. I guess I can always ask her but I’d want to bring my friend with us but I think her daughter might get mad at me cause I’d be bringing her mom where she wants to bring her next year so I don’t know. I was thinking that maybe me and hub could go alone.

Crap! I was too caught up in my research that I didn’t pay attention to the time and I passed my hour of free parking. Looks like I’ll have to pay a dollar to get out of here. Bleh! I hate paying for a few minutes so I guess I might as well stay here until I really need to go since I’ll already have to pay. I also just got an email saying that another client cancelled for tomorrow. Holy, what’s going on?! I’m very surprised that this one is cancelling especially a day ahead as he’s paying for the service from his own pocket. I hope he’s OK. 




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