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There is little or nothing that has not been written in time past and the only new write-ups found are usually refurbished or rebranded from a previous post. Writers usually have an issue with creating content that is fresh, engaging and thought provoking and often times, they source for means to think up ideas when creating content for an article or a blog. If at any time you are at a loss on how to produce an original and unique content as a writer, there are several things that you could do to help with such a situation.

A great place to start is getting your readers involved in the case where a followership has already been built. As a writer, your teeming audience can suggest what they want to read about subsequently from you and this does not only allow you write content that is useful to them but it also provides a fresh foundation to write something new and engaging which will be tailored to the desires of your audience. In other cases, surfing the internet and researching on various topics is always great for promoting new ideas for content. Relevant ideas pop into your head and this can be a spin to the next great thing a writer puts on paper. Although this is quite challenging but a unique blend of the information researched on will provide a rich and engaging piece for your readers.

Many articles are born from what was seen either on television show or series. Even the news can come to the rescue of a writer when looking for fresh content. It is always important to stay relevant when it comes to the various happenings as this could help in giving a sense of direction of what to write about.

It is not uncommon for writers to get stuck when it comes to writing. At this point, changing your usual routine will help in breaking the jinx. Fresh ideas can come from a walk, exercising or even resting. There is actually no limit to where the next new idea could come from and this could just be found in music, videos, conversations, newspapers etc.

There have been several write-ups that have been put out there. However, finding that missing information or that missing connect could just be the difference in your writing. It is necessary to think deep far above the surface of what a writer reads in another writer’s piece. Other writer’s work can serve as an inspiration. At some point, revisiting your previous notes and giving your previous posts a makeover can give you a fresh angle you never realized until then.

Ultimately, writing is a skill which needs to be practiced and even sometimes when the writer’s block syndrome may lurk in the corner, it is necessary to know where to look for new and catchy ideas to take your writing to the next level. The normal routine may not suffice all the time but above all understanding your writing abilities and being persistent is key.


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