Thursday August 3rd

I didn’t end up going to Brooklyn last night. It stormed yesterday something terrible. I was getting flash flood warnings on my phone, and I didn’t want to chance getting stuck in Brooklyn because the trains couldn’t run or something. It’s tough to get a train home from Brooklyn late at night when everything is running perfectly, so with weather issues, I can only imagine. 

I got all my stuff to school yesterday. No ongoing projects now. I’ve been working some on my web site, but it’s tough to put it together when I don’t yet really know how my class is going to run on a daily basis. I have a 3 day training beginning August 21st that hopefully will shed some light. 

I’ve had some strange dreams this week. A couple of days ago, I dreamed we were all at Angie’s, putting together a surprise birthday party for Polly. Polly had taken this little girl fishing- that’s how we got her out of the house, and we were decorating and putting together the party for when she returned. So weird. I had another very detailed dream last night that I can’t think of right now because I was focused on recalling the dream about Polly. It was weird, too. 

I wish that table I ordered would get here. I hope it works in the space I have planned for it. I will be so glad when they finally fix my wall. Literally rocks are falling out onto my kitchen counter all the time- under my sink is a mess, too. I would like to get my place painted, but that can’t happen until the holes in the wall are repaired, and I don’t need to do it until I start getting paid for the new school year, anyway. I think I should be able to make good money this year with my raise for completing those classes and what I will make in per session. I will do at least one day of after school every week. Not just for the money, but also because I really want our Regent’s pass rate to increase. It was around 50% this past year. Surely to shit I can improve on that! If the girls at JKO could get 80%, surely I can raise ours by at least 10%.  

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