The Biggest Myths


Myths and rumours are the most offensive part of the life and the same also applies in student’s life. They neither can’t be believed nor can be ignored. Because the moment you get admissions in college you will get to hear all these myths.
How long will it be carried on? It is time now to shed off old myths like the trees shed off its old leaves. So here are the following myths which we often get to hear about our college life. They are as follows:

College is nothing so dangerous – it is fun!
Like seriously? How can someone even consider college fun when there are so many assignments, projects, practical and a vast syllabus? Surely there are fests and parties in between but that is for the refreshment of the students and also to increase the co-curricular activities of the students. It will be a great mistake if parties are put first then the academics.

Professors are always out of reach!
No, never. They are the educators of the college who are responsible for the education in colleges or universities. They teach the students and if students face doubts and ask them, they will be happy to help them out. Educators of any institute are always ready to assist students in for the betterment.

Students in college do not need to attend classes!
Another myth it is. Moreover, your attendance percentage is a must thing in college. In fact, students with least attendance are often not allowed to appear in examinations. However, yes some professors do not take attendances does not mean that it is no more important. It is always advisable to cope up with the missed out classes.

Had assignments not done? Give some great excuse to your teacher!
The one who tried it might know what the consequence is. Because not submitting assignments will prove a dearth in your grades for which you will have to curse yourself later. However, yes if you think that you have some valid reasons to not to finish the assignments on time then speak with your professor and ask for an extended deadline but never think of skipping it.

Large universities are much superior to the small ones
You might consider that large universities are much better than the little ones, no way! Yes, large universities might have a significant number of students, but that does not mean the smaller ones are bad. So it is never expected to underestimate someone studying in small universities. After all, it depends on the teachers and the students that what is taken in, the good or the bad!

Major subjects define your future
The most common thing being heard is it is compulsory to have a major subject in college to make a bright career out of it. People with such thoughts usually end up getting a job which has nothing to do with the major subject. So what is the purpose?
So to lead a better life people need to ignore all these hoaxes and move forward to receive a bright future.


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