[34] ~*Fri – 08/04/17*~

[11:29 pm]

I wonder how I can stop “stressing” myself in the morning. I always try my very best not to look at the time when I wake up in the morning so I don’t know how much time I have left to sleep. Problem is, I’m always scared to be running late so I end up having a look and then I start the “stressing”. My belly always feels stressed as I know I don’t have much time left to sleep and the only thing I end up doing is looking at the time every 10-15 mins. I wonder if it would help out if I had two different alarms set up so then if one doesn’t work at least there’s a back up. It’s weird cause as far as I can remember I’ve never been late to work due to oversleeping. I do run late cause I stay in bed too long but that’s cause I set my alarm for the very last minute and not because it didn’t go off or cause I didn’t hear it. Also, unlike hub, I always snooze my alarm for 10 mins even as I’m getting ready so it keeps reminding me how long I have left to get ready. Hub overslept a few times as he doesn’t use the snooze on his alarm so if he falls back asleep the alarm won’t wake him up. 

Anyways, I finally went and got my tickets for Teresa. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow. I’m very excited but also kinda scared. I just hope times all work out and I have enough time to get there in advance. I should have plenty of time but of course things never work out the way I planned them so who knows what will happen. I technically have my client until 6:30 and the doors open at that time. At worst, I can tell hub to meet me there but the movie starts at 2:30 and is an hour and a half long so that brings us to 4 o’clock. If my client wants to eat after the movie that would be another hour so it brings us to 5 which still leaves me with an hour so I should be fine. Better be!

I’ve got my paycheck and it looks like I’m still missing some mileage. Only 10 but still, it pisses me off cause seems like my mileage are never right lately and I hate asking the office to look back at them but if I let $2.80 go here and there, it adds up. I’m not 100% sure it’s missing or not. I got new hours with a client but maybe he didn’t get full mileage for those extra hours. Oh well, I will email the girl in charge of paycheck and see.  

Today at the club some of the staff were playing music, it was nice. It was cute to see the people get up and dance. When I see them happy it makes my life seem so good. I should really be more thankful for what I have but complaining about everything seems much easier to do. My client was a bit annoying thought. Everything with him is always gospel music. I kept telling him it’s not what they were singing but he had in his head that they were gonna let him sing some church song. But yea, this little old lady that walks so very slowly when she gets in the club and never says a word got up so quickly and almost ran to the middle of the floor to dance, it was just so cute to see her go. She was also all big smile. 

After work I went over to my friend’s and we went to the Casino cause she could get free stuff. She was hungry and asked to go eat so we went to KFC and she paid which I feel bad about it. I don’t like having her pay as I know she doesn’t have much money and she didn’t even just pay for herself, she also paid for me. Gah!

Beside that, I got my House Insurance bill for the next year and OMG!! It’s going down like $55 per month. That’s a lot! I won’t complain but wow, I just still can’t believe it. I checked the paper like 10 times to make sure I was reading it right. I know it had went up 15% for three years cause we had claimed tires that were worth $6000 that had gotten stolen but dang, that’s more than 15% I’m sure. That will help on our bills part as the Power will more than likely go up about $15-$20 a month and the Internet bill went up $6 which I still want hub to call back cause they had said it wasn’t gonna go up. It’s annoying thought as hub always get the bills that goes down and I always have the ones that goes up. Pfft! I know it’s both our money but we still have separate accounts and we each pay certain things but I always end up paying more than he does. I know I can go on his account and take money out and put it on mine but like I said, it all comes to the same but blah, my part always goes up. I’m still so shocked about the new price for the Insurance. I just checked old budgets and we used to pay like $109.52 before the claim and then it went up to $121.88 then up to $138.18 the next year. It just went down to $82.82. I’ve also just realized that it hasn’t even been three years since we made the claim as we made it at the beginning of summer in 2015 so that’s only two years. Now I’m wondering if there’s a mistake on this and if I should call to make sure it’s the right amount cause I don’t want to be owing them some money later on.

Anyways, it’s late.. I should get going with my farm as I haven’t played yet today and I don’t want to get to sleep too too late as I work tomorrow at 9. Bleh! No morning cancellation for once. AND IT’S THERESA TIME TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! I still wish very deeply that I’ll be a lucky one and get a reading from my dad.




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