it takes so much cream cheese

to make me feel full

cotton candy in my fruit based e-juice was a mistake

hearing someone’s baby cry while they ignore it to shop is effective birth control

it’s hard to be assertive when your brain is panicking telling you it’s  your fault and you have to make things better. because asserting yourself is wrong, because ultimately everything is your fault. because you grew up having to appease an adult who screamed his anger out on you and suddenly you’re over 30 and wondering where your self respect went. if it even counts that the last time you remember feeling any,  you were 5.

situations change, your brain’s response does not and it’s dumb as hell. I’MNOT IN ABUSE SITUATIONS ANYMORE! I’M MEDICATED! BE FUCKING NORMAL! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE FUCKING NORMAL!

i thought i loved the hibachi place’s egg rolls. turns out i only like them because the dipping sauce helps. that was an unexpectedly not good flavor.

japanese exfoliating cloths are no joke, i love that thing. 15 layers of skin washed down the drain.

i don’t know if what i’ve been experiencing counts as insomnia, but i can’t sleep for shit. my broke area hurts like hell. it feels like my emotions have been scrubbed over a lemon zester, which is an improvement over a cheese grater. i feel hollow and angry and unhappy.

i might feel better if i could punch someone. i just need a volunteer.

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