There is a time in which everyone things that you have to have everything figured out. A standard that you must know exactly what you are doing and if you don’t have it figured out then you are a hot mess. Here is my current life situation and I am sure that people can relate to this. 

I have quit my job. The job I had for 6 years. The place that I felt the most stable and that has been a constant in my life regardless of all the craziness I have dealt with. I had something else lined up and its fallen through. How does that feel? To be honest with you I am scared shitless. I thought I had it figured out and guess what I don’t. So… now what you ask, well I am still asking myself that same question. I cannot seem to figure out what path to go down. I feel like a crazy lady and I have second guessed myself an infinite amount of times. I decided to stop letting the risk of fail stop me from just taking a leap of faith. Happiness begins with you, and if you don’t figure out what makes you happy and where to start then you will be stuck. 

I hope that I didn’t make the wrong choice, but I cannot dwell about it. I just have to grab life by the balls and crush it. Focus on the positives and all of the upcoming great things, but further more, I have to make sure I find my happiness. That is most important part of this journey we call life, and you know what I hope everyone finds their happiness in life. 

Until tomorrow… 

Goodnight all. 

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