About a decade ago, my transgender sibling moved to your community.  We now refer to her as Jane Bond, but back then she was Matt and she looked like a man who dressed as a woman.  She was living in a community house, and you thought she dared to shop in your grocery store one day.  You called me and told me to warn Jane that that is “not cool.”  [What I love most about this story is at the time when I told Jane, she told me she hadn’t even BEEN in that store … so this precious little all-white cis community had more than one trans person – gasp!!]

Ten years later, I am glad to see you change your facebook photo to show your support of trans rights.  Trans rights became defendable in your mind during that time, and I am glad.  What I will always remember, though, is that you knew my family since 1976 and didn’t say anything about defending my sibling, but chose to pass on an ominous warning through me instead.

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