August 4th 2017


*#1 is done*

1: I have to wait for apt 2 to be home to wait for the plumber so my toilet can get fixed
2: I have to wait for children so i can go shopping :/
3: I need a pump that’ll cost me $80. Or more (for my washer, no clean clothes so forced to wear dirt), windows that’ll run me 80 plus$$.. a vacuum cleaner since ive never had one since moving in (2014) flea bombs because now I’m over loaded in fleas and cannot get rid of them (main reason why kids don’t want to be here anymore), and (I want one) a microwave.

Maybe I’ll just roll over and go back to bed cause I hate waiting, and some things, I know I’ll never be allowed to have..

I fucking hate my life
I fucking hate being poor

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