Confessions of an Anonymous Star 8.4 Dreams by Heart

(The echelon of women I’m forced to turn away…)

Life is evil…in order 4 ya to truly excel in it, ya have to be good. 

For example, the women who are nice to you in this industry, are only nice because of what they can get from you. Actually, I have found that all women are looking long like that, and even on days where it seems I might be wrong, a next one proves me right. So, why even fight it…

I am very thankful I have not fallen into the traps that do many have. Those dreams I had years ago were real…

I had dreams of women sliding down to me with the insides of their legs creamin’ as venomous grass snakes. Which means that the snakes were poisonous, but women were using them, as if they were. I kept this dream to myself, for years. But, after I realized that life is going to always find a way to f*** me regardless, f*** it…

Might as well open up…


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  1. “Life is evil…in order 4 ya to truly excel in it, ya have to be good.”

    I believe the world is evil but our lives can still be good. Since I believe the world is evil, I also believe one must be evil to excel in it. When I say “the world”, I am referring to the people in this world who have nothing to hope in but this world and very short life here. There is no light, no spiritual quest, no deeper meaning to anything other than the temporary things here. They are The Walking Dead, as they have sought material and vain, selfish pursuits void of any actual or lasting value, sucked into the vacuum of an illusion of fame, material wealth, etc., that fail to satisfy the human soul. There is a never ending focus to be better, sexier, more good-looking, more talented, more charismatic, to make more money. Everything is more, more, more and the truth is–there is no more… for the heart who seeks these things. They are vain pursuits.

    I am happy you have not fallen into the traps so many others have. Your best bet is to realize the illusions and delusions are pitfalls to a truly joyful, peaceful existence here. Run like hell and save yourself while you are still young and beautiful. ‘The industry’ despises age. Find The Lovely One you can trust to love you honestly and completely just the way you are. Someone you can create a life with, maybe make a child or two to fill your heart to overflowing as you watch them grow. There is much, much more and better…. Save yourself. Split out while you can and grab hold of The Simple Life of Great Depth where true treasure really is. The world is evil, but life is good. Your life has been waiting all this time for you to understand these truths. Go.. and be blessed more than you have ever experienced in short-lived, trivial pursuits. Your life is waiting for you and is entirely short even if you live to be 150. Best of true love, blessings, life and joy to you. These are the treasures worthy of pursuit. I hope you find them.

    ‘The Grand Illusion’ by Styx comes to mind.

    Welcome to the Grand illusion
    Come on in and see what’s happening
    Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
    The stage is set, the band starts playing
    Suddenly your heart is pounding
    Wishing secretly you were a star

    But don’t be fooled by the radio
    The TV or the magazines
    They show you photographs of how your life should be
    But they’re just someone else’s fantasy

    So if you think your life is complete confusion
    Because you never win the game
    Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
    ‘Cause deep inside we’re all the same
    We’re all the same…

    So if you think your life is complete confusion
    Because your neighbors got it made
    Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
    And deep inside we’re all the same

    America spells competition
    Join us in our blind ambition
    Get yourself a brand new motor car
    Someday soon we’ll stop to ponder
    What on Earth’s this spell we’re under
    We made the grade and still we wonder
    Who the hell we are

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