Day 524 & 525 – No more Driver, but a lot of driving

Third time I ended up writing two entries in one, haha. It’s because last night I ran out of time.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017

Quite a bit happened this day, or at least two slightly bigger things. 

While I was working, Driver came up in conversation between me and my coworker once again. After some discussion, and pondering more on it, I finally decided to not see Driver again. He’s nice and all, but didn’t seem to care much and my feelings for him were gone. I sent him a text during break, and although the method of texting I find fine, since we only went on one date, knew each other for only a month and we only texted, I feel bad for just texting out of the blue out of nowhere after we made plans, and during my break where I had to leave the convo since it ended. He asked why I made this decision, and I explained I didn’t have the feelings I previously had, nor did I see us as a good match (which is very true). Although he said he understood, and wished me luck as well, since I did beforehand. I felt guilty about how I decided to end it, but I’m glad I ended it. It was a good experience though. I was the one to ask for his number, I went on a first ever date and I was the one to end it. Now I know how all of those feel, haha.

Anyway, other than that I went out driving around my school’s parking lot with my dad and brother. There was also two other girls practicing and at some point we didn’t see them anymore. We assumed they were both on the slightly smaller road behind the school. I decided it would help us practice if I went back there. One of them parked, but the other continued to pass, not ready for this kind of thing, and shooting me a dirty look. My dad laughed as he said he saw her dad laughing his butt off in the passenger seat. She may have been mad then, but I did help us practice a little. She also gotta admit it was pretty funny.

At home I watched Supernatural and then went to bed.

Friday, August 4th 2017

Today went by quickly thankfully. At some point two coworkers who were battling it out jokingly, or at least at that moment, made me chose a side. I chose the guy I knew most and he thought I didn’t at first, until I corrected him and his “talk to the hand” turned into a high five. Although later they seriously argued.

There’s a girl that worked there that has the same name as I do, or at least my shortened name. It was confusing at times trying to figure out whether I was being called or her, haha.

I also tried the legendary butterscotch fudge I mentioned before that a coworker makes. It was pretty good. I don’t normally eat fudge, let alone butterscotch, so if I liked it and accepted a second sample, then the fudge sure does live up to its name and reputation.

At home I discovered I didn’t win the art contest. It was worth the shot though. I’ll sign it and post it next entry.

I also drove again with my dad at the parking lot. I just practiced my turns a lot until my dad suggested I drove around our neighborhood. It was scary changing from 15km/h to 40, and I even chickened out on what I thought was a faster road. I feel more comfortable now though and ready for my lesson tomorrow.

I watched two Supernatural episodes as usual and now I’m going to bed, cause I’m exhausted.

That’s all for today.

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