Procrastinator For Life

Hey guys,

Soooo…. I know it’s been a long, long, LONG time since I’ve written in here, but I was really busy and I just remembered about GoodNight Journal recently. You probably went to check when my last post was, and when you saw it was in November of last year, you probably went, “Pfft! Busy for 9 months with no free time at all? That’s not realistic at all.” Like I said earlier, I completely forgot about GoodNight Journal and only remembered about it recently. I really hope I’ll be able to write more often now, but I can’t really make a promise, with school coming up.

Speaking of which, I am TOTALLY procrastinating on my summer reading assignment. I’m supposed to be working on that right now, actually, but here I am, writing this. I need some help, you guys. I am a major procrastinator, and I leave everything to the last minute. I start school in 10- no, 9 days and I still am only halfway in my book. Now I’m really stressing out, because I’m busy all next week, and I haven’t even started the assignment part of the summer reading assignment. I’m busy all next week as well, so I have no idea when I’ll finish. HELP!!!


Peace out,


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