Weekend fun or weekend work

Well, it’s officially Saturday and I have about an hour left of work and I’m just passing the time until I have to start my end of shift charting, but I’m not sure what my weekend holds for me. 
I’m on call every day off I have for the next 2 weeks and the way the call ins have been, I’m sure I’ll be racking up that double time like crazy at this rate.  I’m so tired though.  The eight day stretch I did while with a cold was just horrible. Thankfully, it’s starting to go away…I just need to get the nastiness out of my nose now and hopefully it doesn’t drain in my throat to where I will be gagging for the next week. 
Since it’s Saturday and we haven’t had a day off together, Nathan and I will be getting groceries today, but I’m sure as soon as we get back or as soon as we are finished with some of the house we will get groceries. Ugh. 
I really don’t want to do all this work with the house today. I wanted to wait until sometime next month on his next 7 days off since we have to take out windows and the damn door to do all this. I’m just wondering how the hell it’s gonna work with the door being open and the low windows and how we are going to keep the cats inside when there are no windows and there is no door to keep them in while we do this shit. Like…can’t put them in a room because the windows are coming out of those rooms and there isn’t a safe place in the yard because of the foxes and eagles we have roaming. That’s just stressful. 
But, I was really wanting a date.  We still haven’t had one in months because it just ends up not happening. I don’t know.
I texted him just now asking what the plan is and he said he thought we were getting groceries..so Idk if I’ll just go right after work or try sleep a bit and then do part of the house after we get back? I don’t know. 
Anyways, I just hope the weekend ends up not being full of arguments. Hopeful.
Have a great weekend.

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