[35] ~*Sun – 08/06/17*~

[7:54 pm]

Alright, I didn’t write yesterday cause I was too tired. Heck, I didn’t even read or played my farming game before bed. I went to bed it was barely 11 pm and it didn’t take long before I went to dreamland even if I don’t think I had any dreams. Anyways, I went to the zoo with my first client which was OK but I was glad when we were done cause it was starting to be warm outside. I went to see The Dark Tower with my second client and the movie was alright, I guess. It wasn’t long but it felt super long and I fell asleep, just not too sure for how long. Of course my client had to ask to go eat after the movie but I didn’t eat with him cause I wanted to go eat with hub before the show. We wanted to go somewhere quick so we ended up going to BK. We went to the show and it was AWESOME! It was super hot in there and I didn’t get a reading but it was still a nice experience and Theresa came pretty close to me. She’s so crazy! She was hot so she decided to just go and lay on the cement at the back which we all could see on the screen. I really enjoyed the show and I think hub did too. He didn’t really wanted to come more than that, he just did so I didn’t have to go alone although I’m pretty sure I could of found someone to come with me. Only thing, I found that Theresa was trying too much sometimes to be funny and she wasn’t serious when doing readings. Like she was reading a woman who had lost her son which of course, very sad. The woman was crying and Theresa was telling her things and then suddenly she just left to go lay down on the cement. I don’t know.. just felt wrong. She was also reading a woman that had lost her daughter in a tragic way and the woman was very upset, she couldn’t even answer Theresa, it was someone else that was with her that was responding for her. Then Theresa just sorta walked away and started talking to this little girl, saying how cute she was and taking a picture with her. She then went back to the lady. Again, just I don’t know. I’m not too sure how I feel about those moments. I was also disappointed that Larry wasn’t with her. Oh well! After the show I was hungry and felt like eating some pizza but didn’t stop anywhere cause I just started having a huge headache. Once we got home hub cooked some pizza we had at home. I pretty much ate and then went to bed thinking I’d be writing but I just ended up taking my pill and sleeping cause I felt so very tired and that headache wasn’t helping.

Today was a chaotic day at work. My day started off with me “stressing” as usual. I woke up and looked at the time and I had an hour left to sleep so of course my stomach started stressing. It’s so very annoying and I don’t understand why it happens. So I started my day feeling like shit. I got to work and had a note from the Assistant telling me to call him so I did and he gave me a freaking list of tasks to do. Ridiculous! It’s a freaking Sunday, we don’t have time for that extra shit. On top of that, I was short a staff cause this new girl, which I never met, quit. The Assistant complains about the Manager giving us tasks to do on Sunday and here he is doing the exact same to me. Arg! So by the time I could check the floor it was already 4 so I called him and told him that I hadn’t even finished what he had asked of me and that the store would look like hell cause I didn’t have time to clean. We did our best but gosh do I feel bad for leaving it like that. 

Now I’m exhausted and almost want to go to bed but it’s so early and I can sleep all day tomorrow as it’s a Holiday and I’m off. Of course I don’t plan on sleeping all day cause I wanna go to the Casino and play that free money. Hehe! But yea.. every single time I can sleep in the next day I’m always so tired and don’t stay up too too late but when I do have to wake up, I could be staying up all night. Blah!


[10:13 pm]

I don’t know what I want anymore. I just took a bath cause my feet were really sore and I started with a colder bath then decided it was too cold after like 10 mins. I emptied like half the tub and refilled it with warm water. Now I have a headache again and feel hot. Arg! I think I will finish watching the episode I’m watching and head to bed. Hopefully I won’t sleep but read for a lil while. I sorta need to wait till 11:30 before sleeping as I called my mom and left a voicemail asking her to call me when she’s home from work so yea. I guess I could always sleep and call her tomorrow and say I had fallen asleep but I want to talk to her so I will try to stay awake until then.

I wanted to wash the suggies toys tonight so I’d clean the cage tomorrow but I think I’ll wait on Tue to do it. I want to sleep tomorrow! I’m almost tempted to take two pills to make sure I do sleep.

I’m trying to finish this episode of Orphan Black but it keeps freezing and it’s starting to piss me off. I’m about to go to bed without finishing it. There’s only 10 mins left thought so I’d like to finish it. Grr!




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