Confessions of an Anonymous Star 8.7 Looking Too Closely by Fink

I often daily drift back to these various attached tendencies to details, that propose that I’m somehow aligned with a higher purpose, order, or stream of life. 

Just when I start to accept that either part of it is a substantial rule, or shift toward my insisted rule of thumb, I’m reminded that everything is obscure. Everything…until it’s not…

Anyone, who really knows me, or listens to me earnestly somewhat elongated, or even reads these readings knows one certain thing about me: I have sincere adoration for the arts, and women. 

There is an essence of existence that all are the eclipsed amid. My balance lately has been my drive stopping me to the point, where I consider giving into quitting (i.e. suicide, destroying success made, or choosing derogatory). 

I had a so called friend call me & tell me someone was gonna get me. Of course, she tells me this after she refuses to follow my lead, and only follows suit (sorta) out of jealous umdertones. 

I have added so many new fans & followers, starved myself, and denied my vices. As usual I’m doing it for something that is not here…Maybe I’m close and I don’t realize it…

I dunno…



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