Day 526 – Writing, Batman, driving and aliens

Saturday, August 5th 2017

Today was productive.

I woke up early enough as expected, and was on the computer by 10am, compared to the usual 12~pm. I did quite a bit of writing research and worked on my novel. After a couple hours of that, I played a little bit of Batman Arkham Asylum. I discovered the Joker had to do something in the game and I got extra excited, because the Joker and Riddler are my favourite Batman villains, and the Riddler takes up a lot of the story in the game. 

After that I nervously awaited my driving instructor’s arrival. He did not wait to jump straight in. We ended up on a road with a lot of speed bumps, which we both agree there was perhaps a bit too much, since some were at the stop signs, then we went off to another road. I was incredibly nervous for a lot of it, but I got comfortable after a while. I learned quite a bit, I know I need to practice my hand over hand technique and to turn on time. The guy’s voice is also very calming, which is incredibly reassuring. He also takes notes of my nervousness and when I make a mistake and make a sound of knowing I did, he says an “it’s okay” as in “you’re still learning”. I know that’s how instructors are supposed to be anyway, but it really helps with the nervousness. Anyway, I got a B for a first grade. I don’t know why that’s a thing, since I just went out driving on a proper road and not parking lot for the second time in my life, and the first time was for like, ten minutes, but whatever helps you take note on what I have to improve. It just activates my “I wanna get an A” from school. My brother said that getting an A is hard though. But, I’m satisfied with the B. I’m still learning after all.

At home I played so much Batman Arkham Asylum that I lost track of time. After supper, my brother wanted to watch a movie called Arrival. It was an alien movie, so I expected to not really care much about it, since to me a lot of the alien movies are the same, but I watched the trailer and it seemed interesting. The movie was good too. It isn’t the typical focus on the alien invading and attacking the planet; it focuses more on the communication. I recommend it.

That’s all for today.

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