Day 6 – 30 Days of Family

If there was ever a time to write about family, today might be the day. This journal entry, if read by some family, may be hurtful but it is honest and says how I feel and how others have been affected.  I know hurt is part of life and honesty is reality.

My sisters have been divided for many years, since my mom had her stroke and my dad passed away. It’s a harsh reality, but we suffered irreparable loss to our friendships and no longer have the closeness we once shared.  

Never was this more obvious than yesterday.  My nephew got married and none of us were invited. I made my peace with this a few months ago when we were told no family was being included in his special day; but last night we learned there was family invited, select family and aunts from the other side. How hurtful is this to learn and accept?  What has become of our sister that she is so cold and callous she did not want any of her sisters with her to share the day her only child got married?  Will she ever understand how she made us feel? Will she even care? 

She has always been a selfish person; and if there was ever any doubt about her loyalty, she made it very clear yesterday. I never thought one of my sisters would be this person, and our parents would be so disappointed to know how she treats us, but this will be for her to learn in the time when she will need us and we are not there for her.  The disappointment won’t be easily forgotten and the universe will quiet our hurt in its own way and time.

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