I Am Deserving


I think you deserve someone who will love you unconditionally, even at your worst. someone who want to see you happy, smile… laugh. someone who realizes just how amazing… how worthy you are of all things great. because you are beautiful and smart and a remarkable individual. and you should never accept fault for the shortcomings of anyone. just because someone is incapable or not ready to see how incredible you are… does not mean you are less fantastic. someone failing to see your value does not decrease your worth. remember that. tell yourself every single damn day to remind yourself. you are gorgeous. you are smart. you are kind and generous. and you are stronger than you give yourself credit. you are here. after all the shit you have overcome. you are here. you made the hardest decisions… to keep going. to continue walking away from the people who did not appreciate the wonderful things about you. you do not need their approval. you do not need some temporary affection. you deserve reciprocated investment. someone who puts the effort into making things work through the good times and the bad. and there will be bad… every relationship friendship romantic or otherwise… nothing is perfect. without imperfection we would lose sight of what is important. we would start to forget that real commitment takes work.
work is an important part of life. it challenges and helps us grow. if there is one thing I have truly learned it is that life is far too short to settle with feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. it prevents you from understanding your worth. it hinders your ability to be self aware of your strength. you’ll ¬†begin to hide away in the shadows; you won’t chase after what you want in this world. and I promise you… you have so much to offer. you don’t need some stupid persons approval to be yourself. and you are incredible. you are worthy and valuable without meeting some standard you may think you need to meet.

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