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  1. RD, I am praying for you and Harry. You are the two most important people on GoodNight Journal, to me. Thank you for reading my book. Bless your heart for that. Did it help any at all? Would you consider getting your doctor to try you on abilify? It is a really good med for bi-polar and depression both. It has helped me so much. I wish you’d try. I long to see you happier and at peace. Hugs.

  2. It did help! But like you write around the beginning parts of your book I do struggle with Jesus’ tender love for us and I think gosh no way, Jesus cannot care for someone like me like that, I dislike myself so much I find it immensely difficult to believe fully in God’s love for me, I know He does I just can’t get past my own self-hate! I liked the story about the dog who was protecting you when you went out for a walk. I like the thought of animals protecting people. At the moment I am extremely limited on the medication I can take because I still breastfeed! I’ve asked for an increase on one of my medications because it used to be the highest dose and now its the lowest but a GP says no, not whilst breastfeeding. I need to stop breastfeeding I think to be considered for any new medications too. Thank you for saying me & Harry are important to you <3 That's the thing I struggle with the most, I always feel insignificant I honestly do & it's so depressing! Your book is so lovely and hopeful and as you read you do feel a great sense of relief and 'safety' almost, like you are truly loved (which we all are!) and the future isn't so bad…because it's so easy to feel alone and like no one cares at all in the world and that the future is black.

  3. I am praying for you, dear girl. I care. I know what it’s like to hate myself. And I know what it’s like to get free and be overflowing with Jesus’ love. I want that for you. I hope you can get on a better med soon, but I know you don’t want to stop breastfeeding. I fed my little girl til she was 2 and stopped on her own. God is with you and He is at work in your life. What are the odds we would “meet” and you would read my book? That book is for YOU. God is speaking to you. Love and hugs !!

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