[36] ~*Mon – 08/07/17*~

[3:12 pm]

Holy Shit! My back is more than killing me today. I got out of bed around 1:15 and I wanted to cry so badly as I had a real hard time making it to the bathroom which is beside the bedroom. I had been wanting to get up for a lil while but I knew my back was going to hurt so I was staying in bed until I had to get up cause I needed to pee. That was crucial! I made it to the bathroom but I couldn’t get out of there. I tried to make my way out but I had to turn around and go sit on the toilet cause there was no way I could of made it down the stairs. I had to call hub to come bring me some pills and I stayed there for like half an hour. I then made my way downstairs to the computer but gosh it was horrible. I’m still in pain right now and I don’t even want to try to stand up. I don’t know what to do about this. I tried to read online but haven’t really found any solution beside not staying in bed so long but all I want to do on my day off is stay in bed and sleep. Blah! I’ll have to get myself a lazy boy chair and sleep in there maybe that could help since I won’t be laying down. Some people say to sleep with a body pillow, I’m really debating on getting myself one. I just don’t know how that would help.

Anyways, this said, I feel once again that I’m wasting a day away as I could of gotten the suggies cage cleaned today. I wanted to do it today but decided to do it tomorrow. I just hope that I will do it. Time flies! I feel like I’ve just cleaned it but it’s already been a month. I also really need to mow the lawn but I don’t know about that anymore. Seem to be cooler today but I haven’t been outside so I don’t really know.

Today is also Monday which means, CASINO TIME!! Woot woot! This feels so wrong but gosh, I’ve been waiting for this day for a while now cause I want to go play that free money and hopefully win. I don’t have a good feeling about today thought as I won some money the two last times we went. I wish my friend could win some as she never does and she’s the one that needs some. All I really want to win is money to pay my lunch but of course I wouldn’t say no to extra money.

Oh yea, we finally got the label to ship back the darn PC that isn’t working. Actually, it was sent on Aug 2 which is almost a week ago and hub just checked his email today. Grr! I asked him about it almost every day and he would say he hadn’t gotten anything. Blah him! We do have a printer but no ink in it so now I need to go to the library to get those labels printed which I can’t do today as it’s a Holiday and it’s close. I’m not sure how long that shipping label is good for so we need to do it as soon as possible. As for the doors, still nothing and I’m not calling them.


[7:37 pm]

Sadly my feeling was right, I didn’t win anything with $35 worth of free play. Bouhuhu! My friend also didn’t win anything with her $10. We were gonna eat at the Casino but the line up was too long so we decided to go eat at DQ. Really we didn’t know where to eat as I don’t know what to eat anymore. I wish I could survive without eating cause I never know what to eat. I had parked at DQ to try to get their WiFi to see where we could eat but we ended up just going there as we were already parked there. Sis texted me saying they were in town but I didn’t even reply to her text yet. I just feel bleh and meh! I don’t feel like doing anything and I’d be going to bed right now if I’d be listening to myself. I know it’s not a good idea considering how badly my back hurt today. Talking about my back, it feels way better right now. I almost wanted to go mow the lawn cause it’s not as hot but meh, like I said, I just don’t feel like doing anything. I’m really tired of not wanting to do anything. I sorta wanted to go to the park and read but I didn’t have a book with me so I came home after dropping my friend to her place. I drove by sis place and I would of went there a lil if they would of been home but they are more than likely out eating and I just ate so yea. I should probably at least answer her text. 

Beside that, I need to take a shower tonight so that means, washing my hair which I hate doing. I don’t feel like doing it tonight but I have too cause since I’m off tomorrow I’ll have time to straighten my hair but Wed I work even earlier so yea, better do that tonight. I also would want to put the laundry away and wish to wash the suggies cage tomorrow but I don’t know. As I’ve been saying, I just never feel like doing anything. I’m starting to feel like hub, not doing anything all the time. Man, I’m writing and I can hear that someone close is mowing their lawn right now and it makes me feel so lazy. It’s getting late thought so I know for sure I wouldn’t have the time to do it all but I could maybe do the front?! Bleh!

I think I will just sit here and watch Game Of Thrones as I haven’t done so yet. Hopefully after a lil break I’ll feel like putting the laundry away and taking a shower. I think there’s also a bit of dishes to do and put away. I should also go in the basement and have a look at the kitty litters as I haven’t been down there in a few days as we were using the food for the suggies upstairs. I normally clean the litters every night when I go feed the suggies but as I just said, I haven’t been going there for food so I totally forget about the litters which is probably in big need of cleaning. I’d also want to vacuum the darn carpet and stairs. I said I wanted to do that like weeks ago and still haven’t done it. Wow! I’m just so lazy! I wonder if I’d be getting out of bed before noon tomorrow if I’d go to bed in a few hours.. prob not so I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it. Let’s start by watching the show and we shall see where it leads me afterward.


[9:15 pm]

I might of not mowed the lawn but holy am I ever sweating right now. I decided to be productive and vacuum the mat at the entrance, the stairs and our bedroom. I don’t like vacuuming our bedroom cause then you see how stained the carpet actually is from the cats puking on it, we need a new one. Oh well! I then did the dishes and put away the laundry. So yea, I didn’t even watch GoT yet and I’m way too hot to take a shower although maybe taking a cold one would be nice. I had started watching the latest video of Sunshine but had paused it to go clean cause I just got a random burst of energy and wanted to go before I changed my mind so right now I guess I will finish watching that and then start GoT or go shower. Go go me!


[11:27 pm]

I’m so proud of myself. I didn’t think I’d do anything tonight and I did all I wanted to do. Now if I can clean the suggies cage tomorrow I’d be very happy. I will try my very best not to stay in bed too long tomorrow. I would also really like to mow the lawn but it’s supposed to rain so I guess it gives me an excuse not to do it. As I said, doing the suggies cage would already be a big thing as it takes a bit of time. I also would like to go to the library to print that shipping label and ship the PC.




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