Confessions…Wheel by John Mayer

Above are two of my fans. They’re cool, down to earth, and…lit. 😉

Today, the movement live, was quite charged, or as I commonly state: lit. Online, however, it has been quite, horrific. 

In about 24 hours, I contacted about 35 different women. All but 1 showed any true reception; I deleted all of them. I’m convinced that I’m insane, and I’ve continuously thought up ways to induce the reasoning behind the suicides of so many stars, artists, musicians, or famous people. Then I think I’m just angry because my desires for romance were unequivocal to what I will, and then I just accept that there are mystic beings of sorts crafting people (women) away from me. 

The danger is the reality that I do not trust women. You can’t really trust anyone, but as I’ve been shown, they(women) can truly do almost anything, at any given time. Thinking I will find this true love and mate with, seems like a twisted form of insanity, that we all wean outselves along life with, until we choose, real…

I’m too hungry to write…That may be part of the hysteria also…


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