Day 527 – Driver texted, and guess what? Didn’t end well. Surprise!

Sunday, August 6th 2017

Today was fun, for the most part.

I went to church; didn’t usher this time, I’m only ushering in two weeks. After that my grandmother joined us for lunch. After eating and talking for a while, my brother and I retreated to our computers. I worked a lot on writing until Driver texted me. He asked me if we were still going out Monday, which is a no, then I apologised for ending our dating a tiny bit rudely. He apologised as well for how he handled the “relationship”. Then he asked me if we could still be friends, and my mind was saying “No, don’t you dare, it WILL NOT end well, and he’s most likely trying to get back with you”, but my heart was saying “buuuut, it could work”. I decided to get my friends in to help me slap me in the face and say no. So I said no, and he wasn’t sure about it not working out when I said it wouldn’t, but I just wished him good luck and no longer responded. He sent me a long message with “advice” saying “don’t be afraid to tell your significant other what you’re not comfortable with, don’t just agree”, and more things along those lines, but I very much set up my boundaries for him at the start and was honest. I guess he got that idea when I just stopped the relationship out of nowhere, but come on, were you not listening? I was tempted to write back saying “Uh, excuse me…”, and still am, but it’s not worth my time. Glad I ended it.

I worked a little bit on my portfolio by practicing some more, ate supper, then watched three episodes of Supernatural, but of course the third one stopped on a cliffhanger.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 527 – Driver texted, and guess what? Didn’t end well. Surprise!”

  1. Props to you for being firm when ending the “relationship”. At least you ended it early, so he wouldn’t have the chance to say that you’d been “together” for a long time.

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