How Do You Make Yourself Do Something?

When you want to make a significant change in your daily habits, how do you force yourself to do those new things and make those changes? I need to make healthier changes to my lifestyle, or I’m going to end up with some serious health problems, not to mention large medical bills by the time I’m 35. I need to make a new routine in my life…maybe I need to get a daily agenda like I had when I was in school. I need to put brushing my teeth and exercising into my daily routine. I need to make it a habit to eat a fruit and/or veggie with every meal. I need to make a contract with myself in order to accomplish these goals. So:

I, Shannon, promise to take care of my body, as I only have one that was given to me. In order to do so, I will do the following things:

  1. Brush my teeth twice a day
  2. Eat a serving of fruit and/or veggies with every meal
  3. Make healthier food choices, especially when eating out
  4. Give up soda
  5. Go to the gym regularly. On my off days, I will go on evening walks with the hubby.
  6. Allow myself one sweet treat every day in order to not feel like I’m being too restrictive. However, it must be ONLY one serving size of whatever I may choose.
  7. Try new recipes and keep and open mind
  8. Write in this journal daily

I will abide by these terms in order to make myself a healthier being

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