Why am I here?

Moving to Germany!!?? What was I thinking, possibly the most worse decision of my life. Been here now for 3 years, I still can’t pick up the bloody Language let alone have a social life. 

Todays bicker was about Christmas. Can you believe it, Christmas talk in august! My boyfriend, he hates the uk, I didn’t know till we moved here. Now he refuses to do anything in the uk. He won’t go home at all and if we do it’s for limited time only. Now what!?? I’m 30 years old in a country i can’t speak the Language and body clock ticking and all. 

The bit which gets to me most is how he just doesn’t care. We moved here because it was a better life for both of us where as now it’s a life for him but not for me. 

I’m lonely and depressed and he doesn’t care.

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