[37] ~*Tue – 08/08/17*~

[11:34 am]

It’s not even noon yet and I’m awake. Well, awake.. that’s a big word. I’m not sure I’m totally awake yet but I’m out of bed. I had put an alarm for 11:30 but I got out like 15 mins before the alarm went off. Sis had texted hub last night saying she wanted to go have lunch with him which she texted him and called him this morning but he didn’t answer so yea.. I’m not even gonna bother texting her as she never invited me to go eat. Pfft! I read hub text to see what she was saying and they were going to Cora’s anyways and I never go there when they go so as I just said, not gonna bother. I rather not eat now anyways cause then I won’t be hungry for when we go to the Casino. My friend got a free buffet for today or tomorrow and a chance to get between $5-1000 of free play so yea. I’d rather go tomorrow night as I like the food better but I work until 8 so it’s kinda late.

I’m looking outside and it looks really nice, no rain. Now I’m really debating about mowing the lawn today. It’s only 16 right now so that should be cool enough to do it. My back is a bit sore thought and I just took some pills. It could be going way up in the matter of an hour so arg. I also need to do the suggies cage.

Well, I think I will watch the new episode of Shadowhunters and see how hot it is afterward and then decide if I do mow the lawn or wash the suggies cage. Either way, I need to do the cage but I shall start with the lawn. Really I’d want to do that tonight but I just looked at the weather and it’s supposed to rain around 2 so I better do that first. I might not have time to do it all but if I could at least do the front for now it would be great. The back looks way worse but it’s the front that people see so yea. 


[3:40 pm]

Well, I did the front lawn. Woot woot! It started raining lil drops when I got outside but I was like “oh hell no, I am doing at least the front”. I had time to finish it and then it started raining a little more. I probably could of done the back as well since it wasn’t raining that bad but I have an electric mower so with my luck, I ain’t risking mowing in the rain. 

I also finished the suggies cage. Hooray! Now I just need to wait for things to dry and put them back in the cage later tonight. I still need to do my hair and then go to the Casino and hopefully win some money today. I wanted to go to the library to get those shipping label printed but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that today as I’m going to the library tomorrow with a client so I could be doing that when I go. I’ll see how late it is when we get out of the Casino. I can’t believe I’ve achieved all I wanted to do in my two days off. It started as if I wasn’t going to do anything but I did it all. Well, almost all.. I still need to mow the back lawn when ever I have time. I’m proud of myself right now and have a good feeling about the Casino.  =)


[4:58 pm]

I am soo bored right now! I had told my friend we’d be going to the Casino around 4-ish as I figured I’d be done with my stuff around that time which I was. I know she went out around 3 with her daughter so I hope she’ll be back home soon cause I’m getting hungry. I’ve done everything that I needed to do, I’m even already dressed and my hair is done, I’ll just need to wake hub up when we’re ready to go. I’m currently watching Orange Is The New Black and I can’t seem to get into it as all I want to do is go out as we were supposed to go out around 4 and it’s now 5. So yea, I’m waiting impatiently for her call. Plus, I don’t even have stuff left to do on my farm as I’ve done it all. I’m normally too busy and can’t visit all my neighbors but I’ve done that. 




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