[37.1] ~*Tue – 08/08/17*~

[10:11 pm]

It’s sorta early but I’m already in bed. Of course I won’t be sleeping now, I’ll be reading. I’d want to finish my book tonight but I don’t know if I’ll be able too as I still have like a 100 pages to read. Anyways, everything is back in the suggies cage so all good for another month. We also went to the Casino and OMG I’m holding a grudge against hub as mom had a Mystery Money on her card so you need to pick a token out of like 12 and you could get between $5-1000 free play money. I wanted to click on one but hub went and clicked another one before I did and he got $25 which is good BUT if he would of let me pick the one I wanted I would of had $250. I WAS PISSED AT HIM!!! My friend got herself $15. I took out $20 with the free money and my friend $10, we’re so cheap. My mom will tell me I should of played that $20 that it wasn’t worth taking out. Hey, free money is free money and it paid me and hub buffets, my friend had a free one so she said she was going to buy herself some Diet Coke with her $10. She’s so funny cause she never wins anything big when we go and when she does, she always buys herself Diet Coke with the money she wins. It’s cute!

Beside that, nothing much happened since I last wrote earlier. I don’t have much to say but I felt like writing. I kinda want to keep writing but I don’t really have anything to say. I guess I will end this entry here and go read if I want to try and finish that book tonight before sleep. I work for 11 tomorrow instead of 1 so I need to sleep a lil earlier. My friend has an appointment at 10 and if I’m up early enough I’d like to take her, if not, hub will do it. I still have my alarm set cause I’m scared he will forget about her. I hope she gets her car soon and that it won’t cost her any extra than what the guy had told her. It must be hard for her not to have a car right now.




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