Adulting sucks !!!


I have just started this journal a few hours ago and already I went from “Omg look at me Unicorns and Rainbows” to “Hello Darkness my old frieennndd” real quick.

Really, I know stuff have to be done when you’re an adult but sometimes, I just want to stay in bed, eat junk food in front of Netflix and forget for a while that there’s a whole world on the other side of my bedroom door, but I can’t. I cannot forget that I am not the only person on the planet and have peace for a while. I have a job I don’t like very much, although it’s not hard – I work for a telecommunication company that specialises in providing cellphone services….in other words, I work as a call-center agent who had to deal with other adults who can’t take responsibility for the management of their own devices.

I have a family that I absolutely love – although sometimes they get on my nerves and I have amazing caring friends who I consider family. But outside of that, having to pay bills and make money to survive. I hate it. Living paycheck to paycheck is the most draining thing ever. Constantly having to budget because if you don’t then you’ll be dead by the time the next paycheck gets deposited into your account.


Speaking of paychecks. I had a huge ($400) bonus with my regular pay this week and I didn’t even get to enjoy because it was gone in the blink of an eye. I was happy for a solid minute then, came despair.

UGH !!!!!

I’m currently at work and I cannot wait to get off, but then as soon as I do…there’s more adulating that needs to be done and I am NOT looking forward to that -_-

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  1. I totally feel you on that paycheck thing… I’m sitting on the second week of a biweekly paycheck waiting for Friday to come faster. Except all the money has already been divided up to different bills and priorities that come before caramel lattes and fast food. I feel as if I’m paying off a debt rather than budgeting and I haven’t even gotten to student loans yet so that shall be fun!

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