House Work and Concerts

So the weekend was pretty eventful. 
Besides siding the house and getting itchy as hell from the insulation and sawdust that kept flying in my face. That took most of Saturday and then we went to Grand Forks for some shopping and all that nonsense. lol
Sunday though, we did a little bit more of the house, but decided to quit and for the spur of the moment we went to go see Pop Evil and Bush<3
Was super excited! Got to spend time with Nathan and then my Sister and niece. To be honest, you would never know I was related to my sister.  A lot of people are surprised when i tell them she’s my sister, since she’s part native and is a lot darker than I am lol  My niece on the other hand, is almost like my twin.  If I let my natural color grow out, we would look the exact same. Which is scary lol.  People think she’s my sister or even my own kid lol  But it’s obvious she is my sisters child by the personality. They are the same that way lol

It was a fun weekend! Didn’t get called into work, thankfully haha Would have been in trouble for telling them I’m not coming because of the concert lol  Thursday is the next day off and again I’m on call for work, but I don’t care. I’m planning on having a nice day in Forks with Nathan and we can just have a good day together<3

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