If You Aren’t Angry …

You aren’t paying attention.

Well … I am paying attention. I am angry about abuse: abuse of power in its many forms. However, when one is angry, chemical transactions occur that make rational thinking difficult, if not impossible. I still need to work and pay bills, etc. I work in healthcare and deal with frightened, anxious patients … that need me to be calm, reassuring, and factual. Besides, life is fleeting and being angry all the time is not only uncomfortable and unhealthy, but it’s a drag to be around.

So, yeah … I volunteer my time and money, and occasionally sign petitions that I suspect accomplish nothing. I open my mouth when I witness bigotry. I am not entirely complacent.

But one still has to live, and while living, one needs to choose which battles to fight and which shall wait for another day.

So get off your pedestal and stop screaming at me. Go take a Valium and get some counseling, for your sake. Be an agent of change but take off the cape occasionally and read a book, listen to great music, create some art, go for a hike, bodysurf, have a conversation about something deep and meaningful and NOT angry … 

and then pick up where you left off and fight for the marginal populations of all species. 

Create Your Peace

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