New Beginnings :)

Hello world of online Journaling (if that’s even a word)

I’ll start by introducing myself, because I feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do whenever you start something new, that involves people reading it or being part of it…ish.

My name is Rose-Anne Russo, as my username (Parentheses ; What is it with usernames anyways ? I mean, I understand that people want to keep their identity private but, am I the only one who feels slightly anxious whenever a new username has to be chosen when registering to a new website ? I always feel like my username has to be witty of sound like I’m a fun person or whatever so I always end up using my real name…which defeats the purpose of a username….No ? Just me ? Alright then, moving on.)

I am a 20 year old college student, currently majoring in communication because I want to work for a PR firm one day ūüėÄ

I am Canadian, currently living in Montreal…well technically I was born in New-York but my family moved to Canada when I was fresh outta jail…I mean the womb so I don’t remember my life as an American. I’ve lived in Montreal all my life and it’s a pretty nice city ^^

I am of Irish and Italian decent…not that it’s important, but I just thought I’d put it out there.

Honestly, I don’t know exactly what the heck I’m doing here or what even I’m going to talk about, but I was browsing the web, looking for something interesting to do other than wasting my life away on 9gag and other meme-related website and stumbled across this. I am an extrovert and LOVE oversharing stuff about my life and what better way to do it than online with a bunch of people I don’t know, will never see and will probably judge me AF ! But that makes life fun doesn’t it ?


I am a mother. I have three children (Don’t judge me alright, I was sexually active at a young age and…not always that safe…and obviously I didn’t learn from my mistakes because it happened 3 times) with my high-school sweet heart.¬†

– Julian, 6 years old ; Hate everything that doesn’t have Thomas the Train on it and is a very wise 1st grader. I think he’s either going to grow up a high-functioning sociopath or a serial killer…one of the two.

– Sophie , 4 years old ;¬†A total¬†Diva. She loves Pink SOOOO¬†MUCH (her words not mine) and wants to marry¬†Jacob Satorius (or whatever how you write his name)¬†when she grows up because he is a prince and she knows it. They’ll live happily ever after in a marshmallow castle with a chocolate river (again, her words not¬†mine)

– Isabella, 15 months old¬†; I don’t know what’s going on in her head most of the time…she’s just a blob of life that like to shake her limbs uncontrollably when she’s excited and tries to speak¬†an unknown language she is convinced that we understand…which¬†we don’t, but it’s fun watching her get frustrated when her¬†request and orders are not followed¬†due to linguistic barrier. ¬†¬†

And then there’s my fianc√© Julian Sr. (Yes…yes we have named our son Julian as well because I was 14 and he was 16 when I got pregnant and had no idea what the F-word we would name this child that was not planned and weren’t sure we wanted to keep, so since it was a boy we named him Julian…it seemed like the easiest decision at the time)

My life isn’t very exciting by itself, but when you have three children at a young age and a drama-queen of a partner, it makes life way more fun.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my life as I enjoy living it ūüėõ


Deuces !

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