Have you ever woken up one morning and looked at yourself in the mirror and decided you no longer like what you see?

When you’ve decided your skin is no longer the skin you want.

You want to be skinny and pretty so you stop eating. You stop taking care of your health. You go for runs, or lift weights and come home and do what? Throw up. And how do you feel afterwards? Satisfied. But you won’t tell anyone. In fact, they think you eat every day like you’re supposed to. They don’t see your bones or notice how much more visible your collar bones are compared to the previous day. But you? You are SATISFIED. 


2 thoughts on “Pointless”

  1. I have time and time again looked in the mirror and wanted to be someone else…but I’m too lazy to do anything about it honestly. I don’t have the strength to work out to be skinnier or take care of my skin with a multitude of products…I just accepted my fate really….I can’t love myself like I’m supposed to, for me it’s just…I tolerate my existence.

  2. Yes. I have been through that all. And i got where i could stand my existence… then i let myself go all over again and need to get the motivation back to lose it all over again.

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