Wednesday, August 9th

I took my 5 mile walk this morning. I am sitting at the laundromat right now. My new sheets came yesterday, so I’m washing them to put on my bed. I went through my closet before coming over here, and I feel like it’s getting to be in pretty good shape. I have done a decent job this summer of getting rid of the stuff I don’t wear. I have a few things to list when I get back from here, and I have stuff in my coat closet that needs to go to Goodwill.  My bedroom rug looks terrible- it’s a lot from the soot coming in through the window all winter since I always had the window open. I am wondering if I could get it into one of the largest washing machines at the laundromat, or if I should just throw it away. Whatever I do, it will just be such a pain in the ass to move that rug. My bed will have to be taken apart to get it out and then back in or a replacement in. I’m thinking that sounds like something that should wait until I get my apartment painted and my bed has to be moved for that- 2 birds with one stone kind of deal.

I met another Bumble BFF person yesterday. I really liked her. I think we could be friends. I think I am going to see her on Sunday. She has been in NYC for 17 years, so she is really a wealth of knowledge. She is also single and dating online. She is using Bumble- she said she thought all the crazies were on OKC. Ha. Maybe that’s why I’m having so much trouble. I couldn’t get anything to come up on Bumble yesterday, but I will have to try it again.


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