[38] ~*Thu – 08/10/17*~

[3:05 pm]

I guess another day went by without me writing. That’s good in a way cause then I don’t force myself to write and do it when I feel like it. I actually wanted to write last night but felt too exhausted to do so and wanted to read. My day was alright but one client just made me scream inside and I was getting grumpy. I hate when I feel that way about a client cause I know it’s not their fault and they don’t always understand everything but gosh.. I just wanted to tell him to shut up. Bad me!

So yea, I was able to sleep in as my morning client cancelled. I had went to bed earlier the night before cause I wanted to get up to bring my friend to her appointment. I got up, went downstairs but I didn’t feel like dressing up and hub was already ready to go so I decided to go back to bed and let him go. My first client was alright and my last one too, it was the middle one that made me want to scream. It was hot, I had a headache and I was super hungry so him being him was a bit too much on my head. I don’t feel like going into details of how he is but yea.. let’s just say he was too much for me yesterday. I got home and hub made me some food. I basically ate, watched an episode and went to bed. I just feel so exhausted all the time. I did read a bit thought and didn’t sleep right away.

I had asked my friend to check the thing she had received in the mail for the Mystery Money at the Casino cause I was sure it was for two weeks so I wanted to know if we had to go back next week. SHE SHOULD OF CALLED ME LAST NIGHT!! I went over to her place earlier and I guess you could get that Mystery Money both on Tue and Wed so we could of had more money last night. I’m so very sad about that! So next week we need to go Mon, Tue and Wed. She also checked her mail while I was there and she got another one for tomorrow and Sat. Dang! I’m not sure if I got that one or if mom did, I’ll be calling mom later to see if she got it as well. Even if I don’t have it or mom doesn’t have it, I’m still going to go for my friend as this one is between $10-1000 so it’s even better than the one for Tue and Wed. Anyways, that’s a lot of free play money. Cool! She’s busy on Sat so I will ask her if she wants me to go get her money or play it for her. Bouhaha! OMG, I will be like my mom pretty soon and be addicted to gambling. That’s not good!

So yea, I’m at the library right now cause I had some time to kill between clients and it’s way too hot to be staying in the car. I normally park somewhere and read but this summer has been crazy and it’s too hot to be staying in cars and I don’t want to spend my gas on running the a/c so I try to go inside somewhere. I don’t really like coming to the library cause it’s only an hour of free parking but I don’t want to be outside so I guess I’ll pay the dollar for the extra time I’m staying. I wanted to go over to my friend’s again but I don’t want to be bugging her too much. I might stop by her place when I’m done with my next client as I want to go to Walmart for a bit of groceries and there’s a few things I’d want to get for her.

I need to do the dishes tonight. Hub always make such a mess when he cooks. I asked him to make chicken burgers and he still managed to make a mess. Blah him! I cleaned most of it last night and left the dishes in the sink which drives me crazy. I really wanted to do them before going to bed but I just didn’t have the energy to do them. I didn’t even feed the suggies, I made him do it. So that’s one thing I need to do tonight and I also need to take a bath cause me being a lady, I need to shave those legs of mine if I want to keep wearing shorts. Being a lady is so annoying! Hub was supposed to go ship that PC today, hope he did it. I saw that he prepared it and it was upstairs by the door but who knows if he woke up in time to drop it off before work.

Oh yea, he hadn’t used the tags since I gave him half but last night he showed me that he made the ones I had given him. I wonder if it was a hint that he wanted the rest of them. Haha! I don’t even know if he cleaned the kitchen enough time to get them or not. I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore, I will just give them to him as he makes me food when I ask him too.


[6:57 pm]

No Mystery Money for me. *sad* I checked the mail when I got back from work and of course, I don’t have anything from the Casino. I don’t know why my friend is having them and I’m not. Now I don’t know if mom got one or not cause I called her but she must be working so I’ll only know later. Like I said, I will still go even if I don’t have any as my friend does and who knows, she could win big money with that which would make me so happy as she could use it. I had called her after I was done work cause I wanted her to come with my to the store but she wasn’t home, as always. No car but yet she’s still never home. Oh well.. 

I feel a bit bored and have a feeling I will be heading to bed not too late again. The thing is, even if I do go to bed early, I don’t go to sleep any earlier, I just read more. For some reason if I sit in front of the PC I tell myself that I could be doing something productive instead of just sitting here but if I sit in bed and read then I don’t feel as bad cause I’m getting “ready” to sleep. I’m so weird!

It’s 7:00 right now and I’m debating on if I should go and do the back lawn as it’s not too too hot. I just don’t really feel like doing that right now and I’m already in my sleeping clothes. I just don’t really know when I’ll have the time to do it. Maybe Sat night. Oh well..  I guess at least the front is done and the neighbor hasn’t done his yet so I don’t look as bad.

Guess I shall watch an episode or two, play my farm game and then go do the dishes of yesterday and go take that lovely bath. I can’t wait for the Casino tomorrow night. I kinda really wish that my friend will get a good amount of free play money and win at least $100, she would be sooo happy. Oh, hub also brought the PC as it’s not in the kitchen anymore so that’s good. One thing done! Just need that guy for the doors to call now. Crazy! But as I said many times before, I ain’t in no hurry to pay those doors and windows if they don’t come fix the doors.


[8:54 pm]

Now I’m sad and unhappy. My friend just called to say she couldn’t go to the Casino tomorrow night either as she has to help her daughter clean her house as they are hosting a family gathering on Sat. Bouhuhu! I told her I’d come grab her card and go play without her. It’s free money, come on people, we need to play it and turn it into real money. Money money money!! She’s OK with giving me her card but it’s kinda bleh that she can’t come. I would rather her play her own money but hey, if I can turn that into some money for her that would be awesome. I hope mom has some too so then I’d be playing all night. Hahaha! But yea, since she can’t come neither tomorrow or Sat it would be so awesome if I could win her a few hundred dollars, she would be soo happy. Come on, I need to make this happen this weekend. 

Umm.. my friend hung up cause her daughter was calling her and said she would call me back after. Now I’m debating on if I should get dress and go over to her place to grab the card now and bring her the stuff I bought her earlier. I’m not too sure if I’ll have time to grab the card tomorrow and I know for sure I can’t bring her the ice cream as it will melt. Alright, I think I will get dress and go bring that stuff over and grab the card to make sure I have it for tomorrow night.




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