My life right now has more ups and downs than a roller coaster.  Two or three days ago I was actually crying because of some drama with Tyler and now we’re going to Monterey tomorrow and staying the night.  It all kind of happened really fast and spur of the moment.  I woke up yesterday and while driving to work I got that itch to go back to Monterey again.  I finally have my pills so I thought it would be the perfect time to go back and redeem my trip that was only an hour long last time.  At first I didn’t care if I went by myself but on a whim I asked Tyler if he wanted to go.  I figured the worst he could say would be no and then I would just go by myself anyway like I had planned.  I had only planned to go for the day but last night he suggested we get a room and just stay the night.  Totally not what I expected when I first thought of the idea.  I’m excited though.  I’m just relieved I have my pills so I’m not freaking out this time.  If he doesn’t cancel for some odd reason, this will be the first night we spend together.  I just wish I had more money cause I’m totally broke right now.  I really wasn’t expecting to stay the night but I’ll figure something out.  Today I might run some errands and prepare for tomorrow and later tonight I have to hangout with one of my friends from work for a ‘girls night.’  Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow…

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